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How to fix a broken guitar nut

How to Fix a Broken Guitar Nut

Guitar nuts are an essential component of any guitar setup. They guide each string to the right position, provide the ability to set their height, and must also allow the strings to move back and forth when playing, tuning, and bending. Eventually, they will wear down due to friction to the point that you can’t …

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Build Instrument Fix bass guitar wirings

How to Fix Bass Guitar Wiring

Electric bass guitars’ have internal components like The pickups The batteries The volume, the tone potentiometers, and other controls The output jack is connected using electric wires and through the use of solder. Though these wires are usually covered by some form of plastic when they deteriorate, it’s not uncommon to notice crackling and …

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Build Instrument best-glue-to-repair-guitar-binding

Best Glue for Guitar Binding Repair

Although the binding material is designed in order to make it very difficult for liquids to traverse it, humidity is a real threat that slowly gets underneath it, reaching the glue, condensing on its surface, creating small bubbles and foam, and thus, weakening and destroying its bonds…

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What Does a Luthier Do?

According to Google’s featured results as of 11/1/2022, the definition for the word luthier is as follows: Luthier: A maker of stringed instruments such as violins or guitars. But is it really all there is to it? This post will dive deeper into all of the requirements to become a Luthier and other important …

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Preparing guitar for paint

Preparing a Guitar Body For Paint

Whether you plan on finishing that body you just cut to perfection, or you just want to bring some life back to that worn-out favorite instrument, preparing a guitar body for paint requires some planning, preparation, and careful execution. Surely painting a guitar body can appear to be lots of fun, but it’s fairly easy …

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belt sander

Best Spindle Sanders for Guitar Building

When considering which tools are a must-have to build good instruments, belt/disc and spindle sanders are a really nice addition to any shop. In this article, we’ll cover the best spindle sanders for guitar building based on our experience But oscillating spindle sanders are the ones to look for if you plan on taking things …

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Build Instrument upgraded bass

11 Jazz Bass Upgrades to Look and Sound better

The traditional Jazz Bass is a timeless classic. What sets it apart from other models is the distinct Offset Waist Contour body combined with its hum-canceling abilities to output unique lows, scooped (attenuated) mids, and well-defined high frequencies. But there’s always room for improvements and modding instruments, and we’ll go over a couple of ideas …

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bass guitar setup for slap

Bass Guitar Setup for Slap

Bass slapping has been around for ages, and its invention is credited to Larry Graham. In this article, we’ll cover the best practices to achieve a decent bass guitar setup for slap, but first, let’s talk about the technique a bit. It was made popular by lots of excellent artists such as Flea from the …

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Preparing a guitar body for paint – The complete guide
Preparing a guitar body for paint
What is the acoustic guitar hole cover purpose?
What is the acoustic guitar hole cover purpose?
How to Replace Bass Pickups
How to Replace Bass Pickups
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