Hello Everyone, I’m Andre

Fortunately, I grew up in a family of musicians, while also being in direct contact with woodworking ever since I can remember..

My older brother made a living by selling woodworking machines to furniture makers. As time went by, I saw a shift in the way things worked in the furniture industry, and I guess that being in contact with some of these machines at my home is what made me develop a deeper understanding of how intricate it is to cut, shape, bend, glue, drill, and every other process that goes with furniture making.

I got my first electric guitar as a teenager. Over the years my passion for music has grown quite a lot, and it became very easy to understand that building and repairing musical instruments would be a good idea.

Nowadays, I have over 20 years of experience as a musician, and a little over 10 in musical instrument construction and repair. It started out by fixing my own guitars, then some friends started asking for help, and it inevitably evolved into acquiring the equipment and knowledge to build and fix instruments.

In between one project and another, I created buildinstrument.com with the goal of sharing valuable information based on experience in building musical instruments for amateurs and professionals alike.

Being a Luthier is a wonderful occupation that enables one to pursue perfection through trial and error, and is also very rewarding to finally get to see your creation being used to create music.